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"For King, Country, and Love"

Elizabeth Parsons is sexually assaulted by the eldest son of a wealthy and powerful businessman. Her quest for justice is cut short when England declares war in 1914. Most of the young men in her native St. John’s Newfoundland, enlist in the British Army, including her attacker, his younger brother, and a potential suitor.

After a brief stint as a midwife, the 18 year-old girl volunteers as an overseas nurse in the great war. Fate and the vagaries of war insure that Elizabeth and all three men, cross paths, once again. One of them is killed, another taken prisoner by the Germans, and the third, disfigured and crippled by artillery fire in the trenches of France. Her journey into a male-dominated world of horrific violence, fearless soldiers, and blood-soaked surgeons, will leave you emotionally spent but forever hopeful that true love will ultimately triumph over the death and destruction of war.

Mark Barie’s historically accurate and truly riveting story of life and love during the first World War, will keep you glued to each page until the novel’s stunning conclusion leaves you with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

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