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"War Calls, Love Cries"


"War Calls Love Cries is a literary treat for anyone with an interest in American History and the Civil War.
Beyond the quality and quantity of historical references, the book is very relatable and often reminded me of the trials and tribulations my Grandparents had to endure when War called." - James W.

This is the story of an innocent farm boy from upstate New York with dreams of marrying his hometown sweetheart.

But Rebecca has a shocking secret in her past, Isaac is threatened by a treacherous brother, and all of them fall victim to the death and destruction of the American Civil War.

From the farmhouse to the Lincoln White House, take this historically accurate journey with Isaac and Rebecca and discover if true love is more powerful than the sins of man and the ravages of war.

“War Calls, Love Cries” is a book you will remember, as well as a perfect gift for someone you love!

"War Calls, Love Cries" was fantastic. I would love to see this become a future film." - Heather S.

"A great book, great detail. I recommend it to everyone. It is available on Amazon."

- Greg Kelley

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