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Reviews for Sister Marguerite and the Captain

"Mark Barie is a truly gifted writer...

"Nice happy ending and simple epilogue. It was a most worthy read. It was a good book from start to finish. Mark Barie is a truly gifted writer with a knack for creating memorable and intriguing characters...The editing was decent - very few misused words, or poor grammar. That is nice. The characters were nicely drawn and Mr. Barie is a master at drawing pictures in the reader's head. Young Benjamin's part in the tale was strange and tragic. There was much sadness in the book but the happy ending of Marguerite and Antoine - I really liked that journey through a lot of war and drama. I wish you the best of luck, Mr. Barie in your sales and marketing effort."

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"A romance novel more than a historical one is and easy read."

"The contrast of different fonts in the title and the opposing images create interest. The back cover informs and verifies that 18th century historical events are included in the story. There is a Table of Contents and Historical Notes."

Reviews are attributed to IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Judges

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